[guild hall relying on chart] juice of powdery tender abalone is much more delicious 69 turn over tender younger sister of extremely big love hey


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[playtime] : On December 25
[J S name] : 89

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  • bsp;S native place] : Guangdong
    [J S age] : 0 years
    [J S amount] : 70+
    [recreational project] : 90 minutes of SM
    [recreation costs] : 698
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : Here all the time since it is became famous more with tender younger sister ~~ is very much 95 hind, lucky can touch last 00 hind of what, for me of tender to doting on younger sister, it is a good place ~ absolutely luck explodes today canopy, in Wen Dong this chooses a Yan Zhi to explode of the watch 00 hind, come from Guangdong, everybody understands ah, the girl is very beautiful, very tender also, the figure looks pretty good also, although not be gigantic R, but what become aware at least is enough although the person on the stage is very much,use ~~ , estimat

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  • ion had 50 times, still chose this tender younger sister to come down finally nevertheless because ~ likes namely ah ~~
    Let me do next rest first to the room, she goes arranging water bed, take off the dress, the figure is quite alluring, wife is not afflictive in home small D dead, come first with the girl directly an enthusiastic SW, the girl is without rejection idea, the response that extends ST enthusiasm is worn, close is the day shakes really quake, JJ

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  • rises forcedly very quickly, come down to say to be done first with the girl in person, of girl come to an agreement or understanding, come over to let me lie on the bed, did next MY, small mouth is contained on small D was blown, very enthusiastic and active girl, I like this look, and the girl asks actively chan

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  • ge the posture of 69, it is a small S goods really, looking at the abalone with girl tender pink also is to be without peculiar smell, mutual K rise, girl charming breathes heavily again and again, those who show is quite excited, and can experience the flavour ~~ to that familiar Xian Xian very quickly, 69 come down to take TT, the girl says otherwise wants her above come, travel, the girl crouchs to taking small D to be put in slowly, come down the day went, move wildly rise, also knowing is I do her or she does me, true J8 coquettish, like this sense quite nevertheless, do I am very comfortable, do not have small D a little while with respect to first time shipment, look at girl meaning still unexhausted appearance, waiting to come down to must do her well.
    Go doing SM on water bed, it is comfortable that RT is done greatly, posse softness is stuck in the rock on the body, be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy. Come down flow did not say, SM ends small D is to be held out already, to the bed, the girl gives again be blown, tease a pair of little hands are ceaselessly on my body, think a girl to return can SH and 3 T, it is the interest that do not have what to 3 T, that tries SH, when letting girl KJ a bit deeper all the time, come a SH also be very of bright, the girl also is obedient as expected, every SH, also be very deep really very deep ~~ , it is very comfortable really, within an inch of is blown to be blown by the girl, those who become aware is about the same, take TT, this I come must of firm firm do her, normal pose is inserted go in, one fast one slow Ooxx rises, the girl is double leg dish go up in the body, the sound of YD had not stopped, worked 10 minutes, let a girl bend over to go up in the bed, work from the back rise, I want. cry. Be in eventually a delivery in trembling, , , be a loose woman really. Next secondary are to come even this.
    After co

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  • ming out, see Wen Dongting is busy, did not stay more, changed the dress to bought sheet to want bottle of hydraulic help sb get over a shock directly, walk along person ~~~~ road to go up to still receive Wen Dongwei letter to say to be in busy, feel embarrassed the ~~ se

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  • rvice of what went, support ~ !

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