[violet Yun Xuan is met] , the attack with small ceaseless below DD feels good really feel well then


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[playtime] : 12.5
[J S name] : A90

  • 上海千花网
  • nbsp;S native place

  • 上海千花网
  • ] : Henan
    [J S age] : 20
    [J S amount] : 60+
    [recreational project] : SM
    [recreation costs] : 698
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : Parted company with predecessor have period of time, also be dejected for a long time, what become aware eventually is about the same, want to let oneself walk out of haze, before was being contacted, the friend gives introductory Le Jia, go to with its oneself likelihood by a place where people gather for various purposes of hole, be inferior to waiting for old driver to send a car, it is the customer service that adds the site that the friend has been to commonly so, the ability that such becoming aware is to rely on chart quite, le Jia’s very careful telling address, after agreeing time arrived next, le Jia also is the move such as advanced also stage, manner or perfectly, take T stand, t stage likes to do sea choosing now, but so much person, look for what oneself like also is

  • 上海千花网
  • to should see ~~~BL bosom for ages accuse, it is to look for the girl with old X so, scanned estimate 5 minutes, final lock was decided 90, le Jia says is Henan, x is surrounded is breathtaking 36C~~ with respect to this already very satisfactory the black silk that MM wears ~~ at that time follows high, let a person look at crackpot.
           The service begins formally, come first colourful dance of a appetizing dish, MM dance appearance is really good still beautiful the reaction that the eyes that moves feeling charm still takes the DD since accost of god of the air hole that nod coquettish, mouth swallowed saliva, waving a footstep t

  • 上海千花网
  • o cross me before right now DD had controlled my waist that holding MM in the arms to be not worn push MM to the dress that strips off MM on the bed to give black silk directly directly rip sodden process to exceed stimulation really, the me DD that Yuan Yuan feels when MM takes TT battle to go in to me with mouth eats closely I stretch his hand capture knead greatly BOBO, the attack with small ceaseless below DD feels good really feel well then, it is OK still to just began XL one-up, male go up female below, such probably gun of 10 or so capture, the first P or t

  • 上海千花网
  • he very comfortable ~~ that do reputably ~ water bed serves everybody to know not to say more, girl skin is quite good, the service that make is very serious also, pretty is c

  • 上海千花网
  • omfortable, when taking the advantage of ISO, also can regain power of one private parts, had been rinsed later, came out the DD that the MM on the bed begins to tease me again I am to be borne really did not do turn over carried a gun to insert, sound of this MM JC stimulates the light that at the same time both hands captures MM more More be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy Have taste more Did 20 minutes or so to be overcome really the groan sound with coquettish MM closes S with respect to the essence of life that does not dominate his It is elder brother D this my battle is so long most of bright Alas regrettablly time is too short ability still does not have bright 90 minutes enough! ! ! Come to anteroom, lay a little while, drizzly all the time outside busy, look the business is really good, gong Niu still was taken to be visited back and forth when passing available grade, talked about a few simply, the service is quite good, the price is OK still also the inn of ~~ Yang Pu still leans live, he goes again later busy, rise buy sheet to walk along person ~~~

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