Ligule of meeting place} is licking model of international of {lasting peace well and truly sensitive place, be without tine feeling


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[playtime] : 9.28
[J S name] : Did not ask
[J S native place] : Jiangxi
[J S age] : 19
[J S amount] : 80+
[recreational project] : ISO
[recreation costs] : 680
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Let eventual

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  • lyBLWhen this day, long did not arriveFine jade fine jade thereAmuse oneself, taking the advantage of todayWife is not in the home, exchequer gets ready ahead of

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  • schedule already, be in today.

    Did not come for ages, arrived some circled crossing, call askedFine jade fine jade manager, find a place, Fine jadeKnowBLWant to go, make a service unripe waiting in the parking lotBLArrival, then enthusiastic belt is wornBLChange clothes, go to anteroom, Fine jadeAs it happens is receiving the visitor in front, explain a service to be born to go up first already beverage, BLSitting also is to sitting, nodded bowl face to eat, hold out speed however, with respect to serving, BLThe area still takes an in part, Fine jadeHad come over, withBLBoast forces

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  • , whenBLThe area has, Fine jadeQuite considerate, say to letBLDigest first digest, ThenGo arranging choose the wife of a prince, the motion on firm satiate horse is otherwise bad, BLTooth of get rid of of get rid of, shake, go choosing the wife of a prince.
    Look always today’sJSQuality is good, it is cheek everybody taste is different, fling round hind, BLCarriedA91Date, Figure and cheek are assist really! ! Important is thisMMYesThe price of A card, and age is very small, the feeling chooses her is to earn really big~~~This female it is the king that sexual price compares absolutely! Be worthy of! Favorite cheek, figure it may not be a bad idea. ThenMMPullingBL, so send bridal chamber, look at into the roomMMStark-naked bare move, DDAlso indocile rises forcedly, MMThe skin is so white fair-skinned, holding in the armsMMBegin to be being kissed, soonMMDid not defy, shameless requirementMMCome firstKJ, take in and send out in large quantities do not have a few timesDDBe bright then counter a day, ligule is licking sensitive part well and truly, be without tine feeling, an acid bilges feeling emerge in large numbers, give directlyMMCome greatlyKB.
    Because the world is written downKBAs if dormant, properBLPutting empty during, MMRemindedBLGo doingSM, it may not be a bad idea, the edge puts empty edge to enjoy massage, a series ofMY

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  • XT MT, excellent gimmick is early had captured thoroughlyBL, hardDD, look atMMForBLWipe, lie on the bed to enjoyKJ, BLDo not have all the time active, BLThink the mouth letsMMWhen coming up, MMAs if seeBLidea, askBLOtherwise should wear rain gear, BLNod, look atMMWear softly, climbBLThe buttock on the body slowly downward, begin motion to rise, MMcharming breathes heavilySYReputation is bigger and bigger, feelingMMSome are tired, it is moment playBLThe man is ecru, turn over abruptly suppressMM, raise double leg to beginOOXX, MMComfortable the face that has some of twist again, had been extremely allYD, beggingBLAgain quickly, even, the last acceleration is liberated eventually.
    Still want to put down the beauty in the bosom after all, go outPFShe kisses in person again before, knead aga

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  • in knead her fullXQ, return anteroom, Fine jadeBelow simple pay a return visit, BLWanted a cup of beverage to solve satisfy one’s thirst again, several see in chatting processJSThrough, one compares a very beautiful, will return so that go to work tomorrow, nod to play again otherwise play this to have much bright, after all wife is not in the home can not be every day some, BLMeaning all still did not follow againFine jadeWantedJStake a face to illuminate, come home firstYYBelow, e

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  • stimationRecentlyOrganic still meeting comes over.

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    [recreational address] : Road of glow of celestial being of road of abide by justice[director phone] : Fine jade fine jade phone: 13585552194 (with small signal) [manager small letter] : Fine jade fine jade small letter: 13585552194 [contact QQ] : Fine jade date of fine jade QQ: 3173185866 [contact Q group] : Fine jade fine jade Q group: 554897873
    [recreational map] : A91